Things to remember:

  1. Pick up your pets waste.
  2. All trash must be put in the dumpster!
  3. Please do not leave bags of trash on your front porch.
  4. If you park in a reserved spot that is not yours you will be towed by Stepps Towing!
  5. Dogs that are over 25 lbs are not permitted unless you purchased directly from Standard Pacific. Pit bulls and Rottweilers are not allowed under any circumstances.
  6. Please do not plant any plants around your home, we are working very hard to replace dead plants.
  7. Please do not bring your grills into the pool area, you can use your grill outside the gated pool area.
If you need to have a car towed, please contact Greenacre Properties. Greenacres will contact a board member.

If you have not registered your car, please contact Liz at 813.600.1100 ext 125

Please help us enforce these rules and report any offenses to Greenacre Properties.